Winning over the Media Part 3


The New Year is just around the corner and I know a lot of businesses slow down for at least a week or 2. While many business owners (like you and me) may take that time to just relax and lounge by the pool, or increase Vitamin D at the beach, I like to throw in some new year planning for good measure.

Part of that planning will include identifying and/or preparing for media opportunities.

If you have your year planned out, or even roughly scoped, you’ll be able to identify where and when the media could help you to increase exposure.

When my app, The Baby Diaries was showcased on The Today Show in Australia, my downloads spiked by 4000%. That 5 minute segment had a ripple effect that has continued through to today. This stuff works!

SO, let’s get your brand out there in front of the masses … but first you need a well written, well-structured Press Release.   Oh wait, here’s one I prepared earlier!

Hopefully the bonus press release template will be useful. But you’ll find out exactly what to do with it by watching this weeks’ video.

This week is the final video in my 3-part “Winning over the Media” mini-masterclass. If you haven’t already done so please watch Video 1 and Video 2 first.

In this weeks’ episode you will learn:

  • How to structure your press release
  • The #1 rule when writing a press release
  • What images to send with the press release
  • What to write in your cover email
  • What to do after you send the press release.

If you’d like more guidance on winning over the media, why not come and work with me! The doors to my 6 Steps to Shine program ARE NOW OPEN, giving you time to build your business success in time for the New Year!

You can find out all about the Program including each Module here.

I’d love to work with you to ensure your success … and to ensure you’re not doing this all on your own! Once you’re part of the Shine Online community you’ll never feel like a solo operator again.

Have a wonderful week,

Tara x


PS: If you don’t yet have a media contacts database, start one today! Or sign up to the 6 Steps to Shine Program and receive one as part of your Media Tool Kit.

PPS: Come and share your media wins with our Facebook community!

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