Why Do You Do What You Do?



I was recently helping a friend with her business planning. The planning process I use always starts with WHY … Why you do what you do … your purpose I guess.

It’s amazing how this one question can be so difficult for many of us to answer easily or succinctly. But it’s so important! It’s the thing that keeps getting us out of bed; it’s the thing that puts a fire in our belly to keep going; it’s the thing that we define as worthwhile.

But where do you start?

The good news is I’ve developed a free tool to guide you through the process after you watch this weeks super short video.

Have a wonderful week,

Tara x


PS: Why not share your why in the comments below?

PPS: You might also like the brand new Paint By Numbers Planning Tool that I’ve created for anyone who doesn’t love planning, or who is unsure of what to write. This new Tool almost writes the plan for you! You can find out more or grab yours here.

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