What does Yoga have to do with Authenticity?

You may have noticed that I often refer to online businesses as “stars in the sky”. The reason I see it like this is that, like stars, there are millions of online businesses, but only some of them can be seen, and even fewer stand out from the collective crowd.

So you can imagine how excited I am when I come across businesses that are truly authentic! Those bright shining stars.

This week I went along to a new yoga class. The class itself was great … SOOOO relaxing, but it’s what happened a few days later that really inspired me.

So what was it that go me all excited?

A hand written letter in the mail! OK… you may not see why this has me excited, but let’s think for a moment:

  1. How often do we receive anything “personal” in the mail?
  2. How often does someone take time out of their day to write to you, with a PEN and PAPER, then put a stamp on it, walk to the post office and send it?
  3. How often does that person also include a little surprise gift for you to enjoy?
  4. How often does this happen after only meeting the person once?

If you’re thinking “not often” then perhaps now you can see why this business owner, my lovely new yoga teacher, is really standing out from the crowd!

Not only did she send me a hand written note thanking me for attending her class, but she included a free pass to return, AND a Calm Blend of Teabag.

Will I be returning to her class? Hell yes! Even if I hadn’t planned to (which I had), I will most definitely be going back now.

So what’s the moral to this story? Sit quietly for a moment and think about the last time a business truly stood out for all the right reasons. What was it about that business? Now, what can you do to show your authenticity and stand out, shine, and inspire your potential, new or existing clients?

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Tara x

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