What does LinkedIn have to do with Online Dating?



Most of us know someone who has experienced online dating … you may have heard their stories or have your own, of people who are, umm, let’s just say a little bit creepy or desperate.

Your friend possibly saw their online profile, they seemed normal enough … worth a coffee maybe, so they clicked to connect … and then WHOA look out, that other person is bombarding your friend’s inbox and coming across a bit full on to say the least.

So what does LinkedIn have to do with online dating?

Well, lately I’ve been getting a lot of LinkedIn requests. I never accept LinkedIn requests without first looking to see that there’s some sort of alignment and that the person at least has a profile picture where you can see their face, and then I may accept the connection.

What happens after that is 1 of 3 things

  1. They fade off into the LinkedIn abyss never to be seen or heard of again
  2. They share some good content on LinkedIn that I may or may not read
  3. They send a personal email within 24 hours of connecting trying to sell me a MINDSET SHIFT, or a new WEBSITE, or show me how to LOSE 20kgs (gee thanks) … or a [insert anything else you can think of here].

This is NOT COOL. Trying to sell this way is not my idea of good business.

In this weeks video, I get a bit of a rant up but this really annoys me!

If you’d like to hear more about what NOT to do on LinkedIn, or just to see me go on a rant, you can access this weeks’ video here.

Have a wonderful week


Tara x

PS: It’s a great time of year to check in on your business. You can download a free business test here.

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