Time to Stop the Haters in their Tracks!



I LOVE this time of year. It (usually) brings out the best in people. We all get into a festive spirit, share stories, perhaps a meal and a gift. People are smiling and most are looking forward to at least one day of rest and relaxation.

So it took me a little by surprise this week to hear from not one, but 3 of the people I care about, who were all experiencing Bullies, Keyboard Warriors, Haters, Trolls… you know the ones, those “special” people who sadly seem to thrive from other people’s pain.

I’ve had my own business for 10 years now, and over that time I’ve seen a significant increase in business bullying, mostly online.

SO, I’ve created this weeks video with a purpose … and that purpose is for all of us to stand United to stop the haters hating!  My Strategy is really simple and you can implement it straight away.

If you agree with my suggestion after watching it please share the video … we need this to be a COLLECTIVE activity … it’s time to stand up in our own united personal power and say No… No more bullies, no more haters, no more trolls.

If the internet laws can’t stop them, then collectively WE CAN!

You can access this week’s video here.

Have a wonderful week!

Tara x


PS: Don’t forget to share the video … we need to spread the word and collectively rise about the Haters.

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