This week I’d like to talk about Boundaries

Let me ask you a Question

Do you ever feel that, because you work for yourself, or perhaps from a home office, that some people don’t always take your work SERIOUSLY, or perhaps there’s a blurring of boundaries?

If so, you’ll love this week’s VLOG as I’m sharing my tips for creating and managing boundaries to ultimately increase your efficiency and effectiveness, and to minimise unnecessary frustration … or at worst to ensure you’re not feeling under-valued by those you love.

I also discuss the need to OWN your boundaries. Before you can manage your boundaries, you first need to establish and own them.

Boundaries can include things like your work space – is it YOUR sacred space or are you sharing the space with your family?

Your work hours can be another boundary that often creates frustration or concern. Are your days or hours of work fairly regular?   If so, you really need to communicate this with family and friends to minimise interruptions (if that’s what you’d like).

Are you also sabotaging your work hours by procrastinating or over-working? Remember, boundaries need to be there to ensure you feel you’re giving the most, and getting the most from your business … and ultimately to help you achieve the lifestyle business that you set out to create.

Please share your own methods for managing boundaries below … I would love to hear them!


Tara x

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