The 3 Things you Need to Do to Manage Procrastination


OK ladies, hands up if you procrastinate?  It’s OK, its one of those things we all have in common … a bit like mummy guilt!

Quite simply while ever you’re procrastinating, you are not being efficient (at best) or (at worst) you are sabotaging your opportunity to make money.

You might have a little voice in your head saying “But when I procrastinate I get other really important things done … like cleaning the house”.  Hmmm … well, sadly cleaning the house doesn’t pay well, so procrastination is not your friend in any shape or form … even if your kitchen is sparkling.

I am particularly good at procrastination so I’ve had to work hard to identify the best ways to avoid (or manage) procrastination and it turns out it’s really easy!

There are 3 actions that will absolutely help you to manage your procrastination so that you’re more efficient, more effective and able to make more profit with less effort … and I explore all 3 in this weeks Blog.

PS: I think you’ll be particularly happy about the third action!

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Until next week,

Tara x

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