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The 6 Essential Steps to Shine

This Program is for female business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level and SHINE

In this 6 Hour On-Demand eCourse You Will Discover ...

  • The most effective ways to reach millions (yes millions) of your ideal customers without spending a cent on marketing
  • How to build a massive following of loyal customers that allows your business to grow exponentially
  • Why knowing your authentic value is essential in attracting the right customers at the right time
  • The best way to turn leads into sales
  • How to have your business promoted by print, TV, radio and online media
  • The most effective way to increase your income while reducing the time you spend in your business
  • Identify any areas of your business that are holding you back from success.

AND … finally a simple strategy showing you how to use social media to grow your business.

PLUS Australia’s leading partnerships expert will offer a bonus masterclass to help ensure your business is partner-friendly and partner-ready, creating immediate partner opportunities

PLUS PLUS Bonus Resources: Case Studies; SEO Cheat-sheet; Goal Mapping Templates; Media Starter Kit, Partnership Success Guide; Press Release Templates, Branding eBook, and access to the Appsolute Mastermind Group

  • Easy to Follow Format

    Including a mix of video, audio and workbooks so you can easily follow along.

  • Instant Access to Everything

    Start with everything you need today. No waiting for drip fed content.

  • Private Facebook Community

    Gain the support of others, ask for feedback and make connections

  • Learn at Your Own Pace and in your own Space

    Total flexibility to fit your learning into your own schedule.

  • Lifetime Access

    Never worry about running out of time or being left on your own.

  • Free Updates

    Unlimited access to free updates and new tools so you can continue to increase your online success.

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Your 6 Essential Steps to Shine Modules

Module 1

Set solid foundations for growth, get motivated for success and create a positive mindset!

  • Your Ideal Customer

Become crystal clear on exactly who will be purchasing from you. You’ll get to know your ideal customer as if they were a friend … we’ll even give them a name!

  • Why your Ideal Customer needs you!

You’ll define the problem/s that you are solving, and use that knowledge to increase sales.

  • Competitor Analysis

We’ll have a brief look at your competitors, and in particular what you can learn from them.

Module 2

  • Create a mindset for success
  • Identify what you need to Be, Do, Have, Feel in order to achieve success
  • Set clear goals for the coming 12 months

Be Inspired and Empowered to take Action

Module 3

Identify your point of authenticity and competitive advantage.

  • Short Sharp Elevator Pitch

I’ll give you a super simple formula to create a memorable elevator pitch.

  • Are you Findable?

You’ll learn all the tips and tools to ensure your business is findable by your ideal client.

  • What’s your story?

Putting pen to paper is the plan here … as you weave your authentic story into the essence of your business.

Module 4

Understand how to ensure your business is findable, share-able and share-worthy … thus creating virality into the essence of your business.

  • Automate your world to have a true lifestyle business

Dive into the fun of automation! Automated databases, sales funnels, social media … you name it. And the best part is you don’t have to be techy.

  • Help them help you go viral

Understand how to create incentive based virality campaigns that drive brand awareness, new leads, and new sales.

Module 5

Learn how to use social media to grow your brand awareness, increase leads and ultimately increase your profit.

  • Which Social Media Platforms are best for your business?

With hundreds of platforms to choose from we will identify the top 3 that you should be using to engage your ideal customer, and increase your sales.

  • Social Media Frequency

You will learn the exact social media frequency formula to increase engagement, followers, and again … sales.

  • Social Media Strategy

Quickly develop a simple social media strategy for your business.

Module 6

This module covers everything you need to get your business in front of the media including TV, Print, Radio, and Web-based.

Creating Newsworthy Content

You’ll learn how to pitch a great story that is broadcast or published.

The Media Is your Friend

My personal strategies for building a relationship with the media to increase your Marketing and PR outcomes.

Module 7

The only marketing strategy that can put your business in front of millions of your ideal customers, at the exact time that they are ready to buy.

How to ensure your business is partner-ready

Ensuring your business is ready for partnerships is essential and we’ll dig deep to ensure all of the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted before you begin.

Which Partners Are the Best Partners?

You’ll learn about the 10 types of partnerships, which ones are best for your business; and importantly who you could partner with today!

How Do I Get a piece of this Partnership Action?

I will provide you with a simple Partnership Action Plan to get you on your way!

BONUS – Access to a free 1 hour Mastermind Class created by Australia’s leading Partnerships Expert! Valued over $250


All for only $495 (inc GST)

Instant access to all content including bonuses

Lifetime membership

Free access to updates and new bonuses

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Raving Fans ...

I really want to thank you for creating this program. The direction and clarity it gives, coupled with your "we can SO do that" attitude and breaking it all down step by step, makes it really feel achievable!! I loved our sessions and felt excited and empowered to get working deeper into my marketing after just the very first module. Thanks so much Tara!

Leanne Guglielmi
Cozy Doozee

I LOVE this course! It is absolutely jam-packed with so much useful information, so easy to follow and did I mention USEFUL!? I would recommend this to anyone who is setting up, or runs a small business … it is a game changer.

Rebecca Gibson
BubaLuvs and Me

Finding the 6 Steps to Shine Program was a case of perfect timing for our new venture. To have the guiding framework and the personal support along each step of the process was both reassuring and rewarding. We’re currently moving through the various phases of developing our new App and are now so confident we are on the right track to make it a success. It’s been a really smart move for us to get the relevant guidance and business direction early in the process from someone who’s already done all the hard yards.

Melinda Smith & Susan Hart
The Mann App

We have had so much extra work coming in since completing your course!  6 Steps to Shine Online just made it all so easy.  Sure there were parts that we already knew, but you showed us how to do it faster, and more effectively.  6 Steps to Shine Online was exactly what we needed to grow our business by reaching more clients, getting more conversions and ultimately making more money!"

Josie Grainer
Premium Frameless Glass

Next Steps

  1. This program has been designed for female business owners who are establishing their business or looking to take their business to the next step by increasing profitability, flexibility and lifestyle outcomes. If this is you, keep reading!
  2. All that you need to do is complete the registration and you’re in! How exciting!

How It Works

As soon as you register for the 6 Steps to Shine eCourse you will receive a welcome email with your membership login details. You can then get started!

There is over 7 hours of content including the Bonus Partnerships Masterclass. You will also receive Worksheets for each module. I recommend completing 1 Module per week for 6 weeks.

Once you have registered you are welcome to join other amazing female entrepreneurs who are all building their businesses by sending a Join Request for the Shine Online private mastermind group.

If you have any questions at all, I am just an email away!


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About Tara

doorwayI launched my first online business (The Baby Diaries) at the beginning of 2012. Within a short time I felt a little frustrated that sales were not as high as I’d predicted. I quickly realised my background in marketing and PR for ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses was not relevant when it came to having an online business. In the online world “build it and they will come” simply doesn’t exist. You need specific strategies to ensure you stand out in the global crowd. I was starting to worry that the business wouldn’t be a success, that I had wasted the money I’d invested and that I was going to have to abandon my dream of running a successful business from home with the flexibility and freedom to spend time with my 2 boys. But I’m not one to give up easily and I knew that if 1% of Apps and 10% of online businesses did succeed, that I could be part of that group (and you can too!).

After spending 2 years attending 55 webinars, several face to face and online training programs and reading dozens of books; I’m happy to say that I became part of the minority. I built a successful lifestyle business, I felt fulfilled and valuable - I know I’m making a worthwhile contribution to my life and so many others … and now I want to inspire and empower you to do the same, to live the life you dreamed when you started your business.

You can have all of this, but I don’t want you to spend the next two years and tens of thousands of dollars investing more time and money in all of those program, courses, and books. So I’ve compiled all of my learnings into the 6 Steps to Shine Program.

Tara x