Is Your Office Dragging You Down?

I’m so excited to bring this weeks blog to you because I’m sharing my interview with international home staging and “space medicine” expert Dr Naomi Findlay.

Naomi is one of the Top 5 Home Stagers in the World; Mentor to The Block stars Alisa and Lysandra; resident expert on, reno addict and interiors addict; and runs the International Institute of Home Staging and

In this interview Naomi shares her top 3 tips on how to create a workspace that not only looks and feels good, but one that can deliver a 15% increase in wellbeing and 7% increase in productivity

Naomi delves into the topic of the home office and gives her advice on the best ways to create a beautiful, healthy and wealthy work space even if you don’t have an actual office … or perhaps you’re sharing your office space with other members of the family.

Naomi also discusses her “Office in a Box” idea (one of my personal favorites).

So if you’re ready to improve the environment that can improve your business results,click here for the full audio interview.

I also encourage you to head over and check out Naomi’s brand new FREE short video series on creating beautiful, healthy and wealthy spaces for you and your business to thrive.

Have a wonderful week,



PS. Here’s the link to the Free Space Medicine Training again

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