How to Write a Really Simple Business Plan … Tutorial!

The statistics say it all … businesses with a business plan are more likely to succeed than those without.  SimpleYou need a plan.  So why do so many small businesses (like, 95%) have a business plan that lives only in their head?  Because they think it will take too much time and money, and perhaps they don’t realise the importance of having a plan.

Business Planning should be EASY!

This week I’ve put together a tutorial style video, taking you step by step through the process of writing a really simple plan that won’t become a book end!  This plan is something you’ll keep on your desk, or desktop, and use day in, day out to stay on track and achieve your goals.

If you’re considering starting a business … you need a plan

If you’re looking to get a grant or other type of funding for your business … you need a plan

If you want to become MORE successful in your business … you need a plan

If you want your business to thrive (or even just survive)… you need a plan

Here’s the link to the “Find Your Why” fillable PDF.

And here’s the link to the Business Planning Template that I use in the tutorial.

Have a wonderful week,



PS.  If you’d like the Business Planning Template you can download it via the link. As a special bonus I’ve also made the new fillable cash flow budget free for you with the business planning template.

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