How to Unveil Your Purpose



If you’re following my Facebook page you may have noticed that I talk a lot about the importance of knowing your WHY …. Your PURPOSE … that thing that drives you to keep going even when things aren’t where or how you would like them to be.

I believe that your why is more important than what you’re producing, selling or offering.

It’s your WHY that gets you out of bed on cold rainy days, and gives you energy when other things around you may be draining you. It’s the thing that makes you smile inside.

Knowing your WHY may come easily to you, or you might find that the one page Find Your Why sheet that I’ve put together for you will help clarify it.

It’s a fillable PDF so you don’t even need to print it. Just download it to your hard-drive.

Once you’ve unveiled your WHY, the next this to do is share it far and wide! Communicating your WHY also helps others get to know you, like you and trust you … and we all know how important that can be to your business and your soul.

I would LOVE to hear your WHY. Simply come over to the Facebook page and share it with #shineonline


Have a fantastic week!

Tara x


PS … Here’s that freebie Find Your Why.

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