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This week has been filled with inspiration as I sat with some small business owners to offer some one on one mentoring, ideas bouncing, and digital strategy planning. One of the threads throughout each of the sessions was the need to send out regular content to potential and existing customers / clients to stay in touch, offer value, and importantly to provide a ‘call to action’ to take those potential or return customers on a journey to get to know you, like you, trust you, and ultimately buy from you.

This can be in many forms but one of the easiest and most successful is a regular blog. When I say “regular” I mean weekly, fortnightly or monthly … but it must be on the same day and time each week, fortnight or month … it needs to be consistent.

After discussing the idea of starting a blog, or being more consistent with a blog, the main theme was a lack of time. We are all time poor so adding a task to the already long list can sometimes just tip the scales into overwhelm.

If you are time poor, and/or you don’t love writing, you will LOVE this weeks video where I’m sharing my #1 tip to have blogs written for you for free!

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