How to go from Surviving to Thriving



When I was tuning in to my naturopath, Tammy Guest, via one of her online training programs recently something she said really resonated with me.

You see, Tammy has a finely tuned super power. Her super power is to not only identify the causes of problems in female entrepreneurs (her specialty) but to then explain exactly what’s happening in our body in a way that just makes sense.

So what was this thing that resonated?

It was her insight that a lot of female entrepreneurs are getting Fatter, Foggier and more Fatigued (she goes into the detail of this in her free videos – you can access them here).

Ummm … Yep! If I’m being honest then my hand goes up for all 3. And none of these are good for business! Even if you’re experiencing one of Tammy’s Fs (Fatter, Foggier or more Fatigued) this blog may offer some tips or insights for you.

In this week’s video blog I’m sharing the strategies that I’m using to fight back from the FFF to become the best version of myself … And how you can too! …

Have a wonderful week!


Tara x

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PPS: No I haven’t done my hair for this video. Yes, that’s my dog Olivia having her say in the background, and yes I’m really recording this from a hammock on my back deck! Ahh … the serenity 🙂

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