How to Avoid (or overcome) Business Owner Burnout

Hands up if you sometimes feel that owning your own business is exhausting?

My hand is up!

I don’t know many small business owners who don’t suffer from occasional fatigue.  In fact a lot of the small business owners that I speak to are regularly fatigued, and telling me that their energy levels are not what they used to be.  Many complain of gaining weight since starting their business and some are trying to run their business with an overall feeling of brain fogginess …

SO I was extremely excited to share this weeks video with you as I’ve found a fantastic resource that I think you will love!  “Freedom from Fatigue” has been written by my friend Tammy Guest specifically for female business owners.  This book has given me so much clarity and left me thinking I want to share it with the world … so I am!

If you’d like to give your business a health check too, you can download my free business checklist to identify any leaks in the system that may be holding you back from greatness.

Have a wonderful week,



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