How the Worst Moment of my Life Impacted on my Business

So! There I was, all ready to create this weeks Blog TV … I had the script points in my hand, the recorder set up and then BAM something happened. It may have been the fact that I’ve had a really sore throat for a few weeks and a couple of my ‘woo woo’ friends suggested it may be a throat chakra issue, or there may be something I need to “say” to clear it.

[I’m woo woo too by the way … just thought I should mention that]

Well, say it I did! In this video you’re probably getting a little more of me than you signed up for, but I’m all about transparency, awareness, honesty and communication … and this video includes all of the above.

So, if you’re wondering a) what the worst moment of my life was, and b) how it impacted on my business … you’ll find all of that in this weeks video.

Have a wonderful week,

Tara x


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