How Partnership Marketing Can Transform Your Business



Part of the key ingredients for any business success is to be Findable, Shareable, Share-worthy, and to ensure you’re reaching the global masses in the most time and cost effective manner possible … but how can you do that, especially with a limited marketing budget!?

Traditional “hope marketing” is not the answer (i.e. pay for an ad and hope a. your target market read it, and b. the ad converts).

In my experience, Partnerships are by far the most effective marketing strategy any company can implement. They offer:

  • Credibility
  • Establish you as a thought leader
  • Increased web traffic (which you then need to convert using the appropriate conversion strategies)
  • Profile
  • Brand awareness
  • Leads/sales
  • Longevity (as opposed to media which has a 48 hour peak)
  • Possible access to ambassadors
  • Ability to be in front of your ideal customer at the exact time they need you, with recommendation by a company they already trust
  • Share-ability and share-worthyness.

This weeks video is one I prepared earlier 🙂 . It’s part of a brand new Podcast Program called Get It Done Mum.  In this video I discuss some detailed case examples of how partnership marketing works and what it could look like for your business.

Tara x


PS.  In the video I refer to a program called PartnerFast. Here’s the link to the FREE Partnership System … so here it is!

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