Do You Have a Great App Idea? … What Comes Next?

I was at the hair salon this week and during that 60 minute period I had not one, not two, but three people tell me their App ideas!  This is not unusual.  As soon as people find out that I have an app (The Baby Diaries) they often tell me about their App idea, and quickly ask if

  1. I know how much it would cost to develop and
  2. If I could recommend an app developer.

Now a LOT of these ideas for apps are fantastic … and I’m always happy to offer a few hints and tips from my experience, but the first questions to ask are not about development cost or App developers.  So what are they?  Well I share that with you in this weeks video … in fact I outline the top 4 questions to ask yourself prior to taking your app concept to the world.

If you already have an App (or any business for that matter) that isn’t yet taking the world by storm, perhaps it’s time to get serious and invest in some training that will help you and your business to shine brighter than the other businesses out there.  There are 2 million apps in the App Store … so just developing an App and hoping “they will come” isn’t going to work.  You need some tried and true strategies.  If you’d like to learn the blueprint to success that lead to my app becoming a global success, check out the Shine Online program.  Doors are currently open but only for a short time.

Have a wonderful week



PPS: Here’s the link to the previous  “Partnership Marketing” video that I mention in this weeks Vlog.

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