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How to cut down on waste in your marketing budget

August 16, 2018

If I asked what percentage of your marketing budget was wasted, I’m sure you would say none (or “hardly any”)! It’s all part of your planned marketing spend. But let’s look a little deeper to see if or where you could be saving some money in your business. The first place to look is your […]

9 Secrets to a Successful Grant Application

July 9, 2016

There’s excitement in the air this week as I write my first blog from my new office!  After the best part of a decade running my companies from a home based office I decided it was time to leave the nest.  The best part is that I get to work in a beautiful heritage listed […]

3 Essential Steps to Get Your Business Grant-Ready

June 17, 2016

What a big week it’s been!  My other company (The Baby Diaries) is smack bang in the midst of some exciting licencing agreements; and I also spent 2 days speaking and interacting with attendees at the International Institute of Home Staging Symposium in Sydney.  The room was abuzz with business owners … some still in […]

Where to Find Grant Funding for Your Business

June 12, 2016

    In a ‘previous life’ I spent a large part of my time finding and applying for grant funding.  After doing a rough calculation I’ve written over $30m of funding applications including programs offered by Government Departments, Philanthropics, Corporate and Community programs.  In Australia alone there are over $60 billion of government grants on […]

10 Simple Activities That Will Grow Your Database

June 3, 2016

I’m sure you understand the value of your database.  It is, after all, one of the key assets in your business.   In fact, your database is more valuable than any following that you’ve built up on social media.  Why?  Because (unfortunately) you don’t own Facebook, or Insta, or any of the others … if they […]

Is Your Office Dragging You Down?

June 2, 2016

I’m so excited to bring this weeks blog to you because I’m sharing my interview with international home staging and “space medicine” expert Dr Naomi Findlay. Naomi is one of the Top 5 Home Stagers in the World; Mentor to The Block stars Alisa and Lysandra; resident expert on, reno addict and interiors addict; […]

How to Write a Really Simple Business Plan … Tutorial!

May 20, 2016

The statistics say it all … businesses with a business plan are more likely to succeed than those without.  Simple.  You need a plan.  So why do so many small businesses (like, 95%) have a business plan that lives only in their head?  Because they think it will take too much time and money, and […]

Life, Love and Business … and How Each Impacts the Other

May 13, 2016

  This weeks Blog is a little different … there won’t be a video but instead I’m sharing my recent interview with Petra Jones of The Mumpreneur Show, where she digs deep and asks me some nitty gritty questions about my Life, Love and Business.  We cover a lot of ground including: My personal life […]

Do You Have an Upper Limit Problem?

May 6, 2016

In this weeks video I’m sharing some of my key take-aways from one of the best business books I’ve ever read.  One of those take-aways is a heightened awareness of upper limit problems.  I knew I had some but the clarity that I now have is tenfold and I’d love to share how I discovered […]

How to Set Up a Simple Video Studio for Under $100

April 29, 2016

Last week I shared my tips on the benefits of video marketing.  We all know that customers buy from us after they get to know, like and trust us … but creating that trust and building relationships can take time, especially when we’re relying on email and social media marketing to do so.  Video is […]

How to Shorten Your Sales Funnel and Fast-Track Sales!

April 21, 2016

We all know that customers buy from us after they get to know, like and trust us … but creating that trust and building relationships can take time, especially when we’re relying on email and social media marketing to do so. But what if there was an easier way.  A simple strategy that would significantly […]

Do You Have a Great App Idea? … What Comes Next?

April 15, 2016

I was at the hair salon this week and during that 60 minute period I had not one, not two, but three people tell me their App ideas!  This is not unusual.  As soon as people find out that I have an app (The Baby Diaries) they often tell me about their App idea, and […]

Are You Planning to Succeed?

April 11, 2016

  Over the past few months I’ve been spending time with hundreds of small business owners.  One thing that really struck me is the large percentage who don’t have a Business Plan. Now I must confess … I’m a bit of a planning nerd.  I love planning, especially if I can do it with one […]

How to Avoid (or overcome) Business Owner Burnout

April 1, 2016

Hands up if you sometimes feel that owning your own business is exhausting? My hand is up! I don’t know many small business owners who don’t suffer from occasional fatigue.  In fact a lot of the small business owners that I speak to are regularly fatigued, and telling me that their energy levels are not […]

Could Your Office be Impacting Your Success?

March 18, 2016

We’re right in the midst of renovations at my place and so one of the areas impacted is my office.  Instead of working in a sunny, light-filled part of the house overlooking my garden, my desk has been temporarily moved into a dark-ish corner with a view of 2 white walls.  Not surprisingly my productivity […]

How to Have Your Blogs Written for Free

March 10, 2016

    This week has been filled with inspiration as I sat with some small business owners to offer some one on one mentoring, ideas bouncing, and digital strategy planning. One of the threads throughout each of the sessions was the need to send out regular content to potential and existing customers / clients to […]

How I manifested a Bentley (and you can too!)

March 4, 2016

    The power of visualisation, goal setting, self-belief and really owning those goals and visions are just so powerful! So powerful in fact that entire businesses are born simply from educating others on how to do it (ie The Secret; The Law of Attraction; Anthony Robbins … and thousands of others). Oprah, Ellen … […]

How to Reclaim 20 Hours Per Month Using 1 Simple Strategy

February 26, 2016

    You may know by now that I’m a HUGE supporter of outsourcing. If there’s a way to increase your own efficiency and effectiveness AND make more money by outsourcing then I’m all for it. So, after recently finding a way to save myself 20 hours per month AND literally thousands of dollars I […]

My 2 Biggest Challenges in Business

February 19, 2016

    I was recently chatting to someone who was considering starting her own business. During that conversation she asked “What were your 2 biggest challenges when you started your business”? Good Question! It’s been 10 years since I started working for myself so I took a moment to think back … and quickly realised […]

Why Do You Do What You Do?

February 12, 2016

    I was recently helping a friend with her business planning. The planning process I use always starts with WHY … Why you do what you do … your purpose I guess. It’s amazing how this one question can be so difficult for many of us to answer easily or succinctly. But it’s so […]

Are There Leaks in Your Business?

February 5, 2016

    I was having a conversation with online program guru, Jody Jelas, recently and she used the term ‘leaky sales funnel’ to explain why some marketing campaigns for online programs simply don’t work. This got me thinking about other types of business leaks and prompted me do a full health check on my business. […]

My #1 Planning Success Tip!

January 29, 2016

    It’s no secret that I LOVE planning, but sitting in my office writing out a 30 page business plan is no-ones idea of fun. So, what do I do that makes it so enjoyable? AND how does this tip create a 100% focussed and faster outcome? Find out all about it in this […]

What’s the ONE Thing that ALL Successful People Have in Common?

January 22, 2016

    Have you ever wondered if there’s some secret ingredient, or ingredients list that successful people have in their business that makes success inevitable? And what about athletes … what sets the winners apart from the rest? Well there is ONE thing and that one thing can make or break your business. Find out […]

How the Worst Moment of my Life Impacted on my Business

January 15, 2016

So! There I was, all ready to create this weeks Blog TV … I had the script points in my hand, the recorder set up and then BAM something happened. It may have been the fact that I’ve had a really sore throat for a few weeks and a couple of my ‘woo woo’ friends […]

Are your foundations strong enough for growth this year?

January 8, 2016

  Episode #27 The 3 Foundational Ingredients you MUST have in business from Tara O’Connell on Vimeo.   Happy New Year! And what a new year it will be … Have you noticed that there’s a certain positivity and buzz about 2016? I can feel it, and it seems to be everywhere I look. It’s […]

How to Make More Money by Outsourcing

December 30, 2015

  How to Make More Money by Outsourcing from Tara O’Connell on Vimeo.   Do you dream of a day where you can just do all the things you love and that you’re good at, and have someone else do the rest? WELL, I may have some GREAT NEWS for you! What if I told […]

Time to Stop the Haters in their Tracks!

December 23, 2015

  Episode #25 How to stop the Haters in their tracks from Tara O’Connell on Vimeo.   I LOVE this time of year. It (usually) brings out the best in people. We all get into a festive spirit, share stories, perhaps a meal and a gift. People are smiling and most are looking forward to […]

What does LinkedIn have to do with Online Dating?

December 16, 2015

    Most of us know someone who has experienced online dating … you may have heard their stories or have your own, of people who are, umm, let’s just say a little bit creepy or desperate. Your friend possibly saw their online profile, they seemed normal enough … worth a coffee maybe, so they […]

Winning over the Media Part 3

December 9, 2015

  The New Year is just around the corner and I know a lot of businesses slow down for at least a week or 2. While many business owners (like you and me) may take that time to just relax and lounge by the pool, or increase Vitamin D at the beach, I like to […]

Winning over the Media Part 2

December 2, 2015

I hope you’ve had a fantastic week … it’s certainly starting to feel a lot like Christmas with so many events happening, glasses clinking and time spent shopping for others (which I LOVE!) I also love a list … so this time of year means there are all kinds of lists on my desk, fridge […]

Winning over the Media Part 1

November 25, 2015

    I was catching up with a lovely friend recently, chatting and celebrating as she was recently announced one of the Top 5 Home Stagers IN THE WORLD! Pretty awesome! And not only awesome, but extremely newsworthy. I have no doubt you’ll be seeing and reading a lot more about her very soon. Our […]

How Partnership Marketing Can Transform Your Business

November 19, 2015

    Part of the key ingredients for any business success is to be Findable, Shareable, Share-worthy, and to ensure you’re reaching the global masses in the most time and cost effective manner possible … but how can you do that, especially with a limited marketing budget!? Traditional “hope marketing” is not the answer (i.e. […]

Is Your Business Suffering from Comparisonitis?

November 11, 2015

  Have you ever felt yourself comparing your achievements, your body, your business, your income, your [insert anything at all] to others? There’s actually a name for it … Comparisonitis. Yes, it’s a real thing! The definition of Comparisonitis is: The compulsion to compare one’s accomplishments to another’s to determine relative importance Comparisonitis is very […]

The F Word that is Holding Your Business Back from Greatness!

November 5, 2015

    Fear … it’s ONE thing that can seriously impact on our business and our personal health and wellbeing. Fear comes in many forms … fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of being judged, fear of humiliation… fear of just about anything. And then there are specific fears (linked to […]

How to Find Funding for Your Business!

October 28, 2015

    I don’t know why this has only just occurred to me, but I think I have some really important information that you need to know about! In a ‘previous life’ (i.e. when I worked in corporate and not for profit sectors) I spent a LOT of time either helping people find government and […]

How to go from Surviving to Thriving

October 22, 2015

    When I was tuning in to my naturopath, Tammy Guest, via one of her online training programs recently something she said really resonated with me. You see, Tammy has a finely tuned super power. Her super power is to not only identify the causes of problems in female entrepreneurs (her specialty) but to […]

How to Unveil Your Purpose

October 14, 2015

    If you’re following my Facebook page you may have noticed that I talk a lot about the importance of knowing your WHY …. Your PURPOSE … that thing that drives you to keep going even when things aren’t where or how you would like them to be. I believe that your why is […]

You Are the Average of These 5 Things

October 7, 2015

  Have you ever heard the saying “you are what you eat”? How about “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”? I’ve been hearing it a lot lately … and it has not only resonated, but it’s completely rocked my world! AND … It should rock yours as […]

My Blueprint to Help You Shine Online

October 1, 2015

Have you ever been camping, or in the middle of a small town at night and noticed just how many stars you can see without the distractions of the city or town lights? It’s spectacular. And I love how some of those stars shine so much brighter than the rest. If you were located in […]

The Importance of Saying YES

September 24, 2015

You may have heard people tell you that, to get more out of your day and improve your time management you really need to say NO a lot more than you do. And they’re right! Sometimes saying no is the best thing you can do … and when you do it you’ll feel an instant […]

6 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Success.

September 3, 2015

    You know how some posts on social media just go BERZERK with likes, comments and shares, and others … well … they’re not part of the in-crowd? Well I’ve been researching … and researching … and researching and I’m very happy to say I’ve found something that makes it all look really easy. […]

Why you need to know your personality type in business.

August 26, 2015

    In this weeks video blog (Vlog) I’m going to explain why you absolutely MUST know your personality type to succeed in business. Sound crazy? It’s really not crazy, but it WILL change the way you do business. Oh, and the best part … you don’t have to take a personality test, or do […]

The Best Social Media Platform For You.

August 19, 2015

    In this weeks video blog (Vlog) I’m going to uncover the BEST social media platform for your business! Yes, there is actually one (or 2) best social media platforms for you. What is it? Well … to find out you really need to watch the video but I promise I will show you […]

Why List Magnets Lead to Sales Pages

August 12, 2015

In this weeks video blog (Vlog) I’m sharing my tips on the best way to have a deep and meaningful conversation with your prospective customers while also saving you time and money … Yes it’s possible. You may be surprised to know that I’m not recommending social media, or personal phone calls, or face to […]

Your Business Health Check

August 5, 2015

No one operates at their best if parts of their physical or emotional body are not ‘well’. When we feel a bit off colour, or we have more obvious problems we seek help. But can the same be said for our business? Just like your body, your business growth, achievements and results can be seriously […]

Partnerships …

July 29, 2015

Would you like to know how to market your product, service, app or brand to thousands, even millions of your potential customers without spending a cent? It can be done … in fact I’ve done it! In a 6 week period of this year, through 5 simple marketing partnerships I had The Baby Diaries App […]

Investing in Yourself

July 22, 2015

We all know that we need to invest in ourselves and our business … but how do we decide where to invest? It goes without saying that no one was born with all of the skills and knowledge to run a successful business, and so we need to make investments, large and small, into our […]

This week I’d like to talk about Boundaries

July 15, 2015

Let me ask you a Question … Do you ever feel that, because you work for yourself, or perhaps from a home office, that some people don’t always take your work SERIOUSLY, or perhaps there’s a blurring of boundaries? If so, you’ll love this week’s VLOG as I’m sharing my tips for creating and managing […]

What does Yoga have to do with Authenticity?

July 8, 2015

You may have noticed that I often refer to online businesses as “stars in the sky”. The reason I see it like this is that, like stars, there are millions of online businesses, but only some of them can be seen, and even fewer stand out from the collective crowd. So you can imagine how […]

How a Simple Routine Can Increase Your Profitability!

July 1, 2015

  OK … so when I say “Routine”, it doesn’t exactly conjure up excitement does it?  What if I say “Profitability”?  Hopefully more excitement there! Well I’m pleased to say that with routine comes productivity and profitability … so read on. Routines are sometimes given a bad rap … the very word brings up feelings […]

The 3 Things you Need to Do to Manage Procrastination

June 25, 2015

Procrastination! OK ladies, hands up if you procrastinate?  It’s OK, its one of those things we all have in common … a bit like mummy guilt! Quite simply while ever you’re procrastinating, you are not being efficient (at best) or (at worst) you are sabotaging your opportunity to make money. You might have a little […]

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