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Tara O'Connell

So …

You’ve got a great app or app idea

But it’s all a bit overwhelming and frustrating

You’re feeling unsure of where to start and you need a monetization plan

You’re starting to worry that this business isn’t going to give you the lifestyle you’d imagined

And (GULP) you’re wondering if it was such a good idea

Here’s the good news …You’re in the right place!

There may be a gap between your dream and your current reality but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the success you dreamed of! I’ve been there. Six years of app creations and I’ve made every mistake in the book … and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes!

Fortunately I’ve also made some really good decisions, that have lead to million dollar deals … and I want to show you how to do the same.


The Back-Story

A few years ago I was sitting where you are now. I had to navigate my way through the maze of creating an app. I had minimal tech skills having been a CEO most of the previous decade, and I needed to find the best people to help me, but had no idea where to look. I did eventually get through that maze and launched my very first App called The Baby Diaries. But my sigh of relief didn’t last long. Within a short time I felt frustrated that App sales were not as high as I’d predicted.

I quickly realised that in the online world “build it and they will come” simply doesn’t exist. You need specific strategies to ensure you stand out in the global crowd and SHINE.

I was starting to worry that the business wouldn’t be a success, that I had wasted the money I’d invested and that I may have to abandon my dream.

But I’m not one to give up easily and I knew that if 1% of Apps and 10% of online businesses succeed, that I could succeed (and you can too!).

Fast Forward 6 Years

After attending 50+ webinars, spending tens of $thousands on training programs and reading dozens of books; I’m happy to say that I became part of the minority. I finally identified the blueprint to build a successful lifestyle business. I felt fulfilled and valuable – I know I’m making a worthwhile contribution to my life and so many others’ … and now I want to inspire and empower you to do the same, to live the life you dreamed when you started your business.

Fast Forward to Now

The good news is that I’ve consolidated 6 years of app learnings to now give you step by step actions and guidance to create, monetize and grow your app business fast and start living your best life.

What does the rest of my life look like? You’ll never hear me talk about a Work-Life balance because I believe we have one life and our work is part of that. BUT the other parts of my life are pretty cool too!

I have two boys born 11 years apart (I may as well have had the first in the 1960s for the amount of changes in parenting & technology that took place in that 11 years!). I live in a coastal town called Newcastle on the East Coast of Australia. I have a habit of buying more books than any human could possibly read, and I love getting outdoors as much as possible. Oh and Travel … I could talk about travel ALL DAY.

Ultimately I just love connecting and communicating with just about anyone! I’ve been running my own company now for almost 10 years after deciding that life as a CEO was great, but I wanted to be my own boss rather than someone else’s. And I’ve been known to work in my yoga pants as often as I can!

The Official Bio Tara O’Connell is creator of the globally successful App “The Baby Diaries” and The Pet Diaries. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, an author, speaker and CEO of her 2 companies. She inspires and empowers thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to take action and achieve online success every day. After spending 8 years as CEO of a national not-for-profit organization, Tara created The Baby Diaries app shortly after having her second child, WAY back when creating apps was far from mainstream!

Her decision to exit the world of working long hours for someone else, Tara set about ensuring The Baby Diaries was a global success. The App has now been licensed by Australia’s largest pharmacy group, and countless other businesses across the globe. The app has been showcased by Nine’s Today Program TWICE as a must-have app for new parents. With only 10% of online businesses being ‘successful’ Tara’s journey to success offers a guiding star for others working in the app business world.

As a highly skilled business mentor, Tara knows that creating an app business is only just the beginning.

Phew … that was a long coffee catch up!

Have a fantastic day!


Tara x

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