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Are you ready to start seeing your app dreams come alive so that you can live your best life possible?

I am here to take you to through your app journey, regardless of what stage you're currently at. My idea of worthwhile work is to feel that I'm truly making a difference, so if I can help make a positive difference to your business and your life, then we're both winning!

If you have an app idea, or you're ready to launch, or perhaps you've launched but ... things just aren't going to plan, you're here at the right time. I've worked hands on in my own app business for over 6 years now and I guarantee I've been at the stage you're at right now. After creating globally successful apps, and mentoring women through their app journey, I have (finally!) put together my years of experience into a tailored app program for YOU. I will help you build your own app business, take it to market through a very successful launch (with minimal budget) AND importantly I will help you avoid spending way too much on your app and launch.

So you have an app idea?

  • Hour of Power
    • 1 Hour with Tara
    • Analysis of your app idea
    • Discuss app development
    • Create a monetization plan
    • Discuss user acquisition & retention
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  • App Mentoring 
    • 6 months of personal mentoring
    • 2 hour 1 on 1 coaching / month
    • Fortnightly Group Calls
    • Resource Centre
    • Templates, Grants and more          
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  • Upcoming Webinars
    • The 7 steps to successfully
    • create and monetize an app
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There is no one in the app space with the level of vision that Tara brings to your app project. She is a secret weapon and it’s honestly not worth going down the app creation journey without her. Tara’s knowledge and skills are worth the investment ten-fold.
Naomi Findlay, -
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