Want Some Step by Step Guidance to Help Ensure Customers CHOOSE YOU in an Overcrowded Market?

  • Your business success is taking way more time than you’d hoped?
  • You’re working crazy hours – but sales are still slow?
  • You’re starting to worry that your lifestyle business isn’t providing the lifestyle you’d imagined?
  • You’re spending so much time IN the business that it’s hard to step outside and see the future strategy?
  • You’re operating in a crowded market and need to stand out from that crowd to become first choice?

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Trust Me... You’re Not Alone!

Just having a great product or service is not enough anymore … it’s not going to bring you sales.

“Build it and they will come” rarely, if ever happens.

That’s why only 10% of small businesses survive the first 3 years, and only 1% make it to 10 years. We’re living and working in a noisy, crowded global marketplace … that means we need to stand out bigger and brighter than ever before.

You may be great at what you do but if you’re only selling 1 on 1 you’re bound to get burnt out.
If you’re still using traditional marketing and sales methods you’re soon going to run into cashflow problems.

You can study all the manifestation and law of attraction books on the planet but that doesn’t mean success will magically appear without setting up a high impact step by step ACTION plan.

But it’s ok. You’re going to be ok! And I’m going to tell you why in a moment.

You can have the best product or service in the world but STILL not make any money.

You could be working in your zone of genius, doing what you love!

But there is a major part of the puzzle that most people are missing.

Why Do Most People Fail in the first 3 years & What Do You Need to Do Avoid it Like The Plague?

Here are a few reasons that people fail even if you are a total genius at what you do:

  • They don’t have a tried and tested plan.
  • Their self-belief reduces in correlation with their income.
  • They are spending so much time IN the business they can’t see the path forward.
  • They worry they’re “doing it wrong”.
  • They try one thing and if it doesn’t work they do a quick pivot and try something else.
  • They start comparing themselves to others.
  • They are scared of failure.
  • They are scared of success.
  • They start wondering if they should go back to working for someone else … surely that’s easier?
  • They think that they should give away their knowledge for free just to help others.


The Truth Is...

If you don’t have a solid plan to grow your business ONLINE, then you will eventually burn out, run out of money, or both.

If you are not willing to overcome your fears and really STEP UP you are doing yourself and your potential clients an injustice.

There are people out there who WANT and NEED what you have to offer. Better still they will PAY YOU for it, but only if they know you exist; they can find you easily; and they have a chance to know you, like you and trust you prior to buying from you.

Yes, I’m ready!

What Steps Do You Need To Take To Set Yourself Up For Success?

1. Get clear on what you REALLY want.

It’s all well and good to have business goals but so often we get caught up in a “work-life balance” model. INFACT when you have your own business your work has to fit WITHIN your ideal life … not separate to it.

2. Self-belief is not optional.

Work through what beliefs may be holding you back and give that critical voice in your head someone else to play with … their time in your head is over.

3. Get the plan.

You need a plan … you REALLY need a plan. You can’t kick a goal without goal posts, and you can’t achieve success without a plan. Get a tried and proven step by step formula that shows you exactly what you need to do to create a SUSTAINABLE SUCCESSFUL business.

4. Step into your personal power

When you believe in yourself others believe in you too. The sooner you step into your personal power and claim your place as an expert in what you do, the sooner you can help more people, earn more money and leave a lasting legacy!

5. Be consistent!

Once you see which online options offer the best results … consistency will become your friend. Consistency is actually EASIER than trying different things all the time to see what will work. Through consistency you can automate and delegate.

6. Stand Up, Stand Out and SHINE

Once you are out there and successfully selling your wares, find ways to make it even better. Discover new ways to WOW your clients and have them talking about you to all their friends and clients. Word of mouth is still the most cost effective form of marketing.

Be the person you want to be; Do the things you want to do; Have the things you want to have… and Hang Out with Like-minded people

Yes, I’m ready!

The Biggest Mistake That Business Owners Make
That You Absolutely Must Take On Board To Succeed….

So often people start a new business with all the best intentions of having more freedom and more flexibility; spending more time with family and friends and doing more of what they love.

Then, before they know it they are working harder and longer than ever before.

Their business becomes the focal point and soon it starts creeping in to family time, fun times and that vision of freedom becomes blurry as you’re chained to the computer.

The #1 ingredient to success ….


If you put business before everything else I guarantee you will burn out, start questioning your decisions; resent the hours you’re working and ultimately be miserable. This is no good for anyone!


I Want You To Easily Generate Leveraged Income With Your Online Business So You Can Get Your Time Back and Enjoy your Life …
You CAN do this!


This is a step by step guided system to you stand out and shine bright in a crowded marketplace so that potential customers CHOOSE YOU. The results from my original Shine Online have been fantastic. The new version is even better! Female Business Owners across the globe are enjoying more free time from following the step by step system becoming easily found and the first choice for their ideal clients. They’re supporting each other daily in the private Shine Online Community and spending more time doing the parts of their business they LOVE rather than the stuff that makes their eyes glaze over!


"Finding this Program was a case of perfect timing for our new venture. To have the guiding framework and the personal support each step of the process was both reassuring and rewarding. We’re now so confident we are on the right track to make it a success. It’s been a really smart move for us to get the relevant guidance and business direction early in the process from someone who’s already done all the hard yards.”
− Melinda Smith & Susan Hart




We have had so many new clients since completing your course! Shine Online just made it all so easy... you showed us how to do it faster, and more effectively. This was exactly what we needed to grow our business by reaching more clients, getting more conversions and ultimately making more money! Thank you!" − Josie Grainer



My online business, The Baby Diaries, was featured on Australian Breakfast Television program TODAY as one of the 3 MUST HAVE apps for new parents.

Why Am I the Best Person to Help You?

I’ve had my own business for a decade … that means I’m one of those 1% of business owners to make it to the ten year mark, so I must be doing something right. But around 4 years ago I had my 2nd child Alexander … there’s an 11 year gap between my 2 boys. When he was 3 months old (long story short) he was rushed to hospital … he was OK, but I wasn’t! My life was insanely busy and I had become a single mum without warning literally overnight. So I did what all female entrepreneurs do … I created an App to make life easier (and to take my mind off the part of my life that were a bit … ummm… ordinary)

But creating a new online business is one thing, making it work is another thing entirely!

Failure was not an option and so I set about doing and learning EVERYTHING there was to make this online business a success.


Fast forward to now and the app has now been downloaded on every Continent on Earth in 15 languages. There are countless partnerships in place that make that happen but ultimately my Shine Online formula that has been the key to success.

Having an online business means I get to travel the world and work from anywhere.

My business operates as I sleep …

I can honestly say I love my life

If An Aussie Mum with the Tech skills that would fit on the outside of a Corn Kernel Can do this … SO CAN YOU!

Yes, I’m ready!

Being A Genius At What You Do and offering the Best Products and Services in the World Does Not Mean
Your Business Will Automatically Be A Success…

You can build a website but that doesn’t mean the people will come.

You can get a bunch of Facebook likes but that doesn’t mean they will turn into sales.

You can create your online offer with good content, but that doesn’t mean people will find it.

If you don’t have the roadmap to execute it then you are wasting your time and money.

I’ve created a step by step paint-by-numbers system to help ensure you shine brighter than everyone else in your competitive online airspace!

I don’t want you to have to go through all of the time, energy and money that I did to get to where I am now.

I want to get this step by step system to more people across the world because life should be EASY, FUN and FLEXIBLE

My goal is to empower and inspire female business owners like YOU to live your best life … to enjoy the Freedom, Fun and Flexibility that owning your own business should and CAN deliver.

That is why I created the Shine Online program.

And what’s more…

I Have Made Shine Online Accessible and Affordable
So I Truly Can Help To Change More Lives.

Growth Begins when we push past the barriers of our safety zone

What is Shine Online?

Shine Online is a 9 week step-by-step system teaching you everything you need to succeed online.

You’ll learn strategies to help you build a massive following of potential customers who want what you’re selling.

It’s a complete online virtual process to help you build your online business that will create income and give you the freedom of time to live your ultimate lifestyle.

As long as you have internet access you can go through the step by step system and transform the way you do business once and for all.

How do I know Shine Online is for me?

  • I really need to leverage my business model so that I can move away from 1 on 1 sales and start making more money in less time;
  • I’m sick of working long hours for little return.
  • I know online is the way to go but tech makes me nervous.
  • I can’t remember that last time I took some time to myself.
  • I have a great offer but I need a system to drive the people to buy my stuff.
  • I know I need to automate my business but I don’t know where to start.
  • I need to build a list and following so I can offer my stuff to them.
  • I have a massive list and following but I have nothing to sell them and leaving money on the table.
  • I’d love to get my business in front of millions without spending a cent on marketing.

I could go on and on… but I know you get it!



What will you learn in Shine Online?

Module 1

Setting the Foundations for Abundance and Success

Before you can build a genuinely successful business there are some foundational issues that need addressing! You’ve got to get crystal clear on what’s holding you back so that you can not only survive, but truly thrive! In this first module, we’ll identify exactly what’s holding your business back, and you’ll dive headfirst into the essentials that will set you up for long term success

Module 2

Planning for Success

Successful people all have one thing in common … a mindset for success! They ALL have unwavering self-belief. In this module we’re going to put your self-belief to the test and work together to ensure you have a Mindset that will deliver the success that you deserve. We will also work on a detailed personal success plan including a goal plan and an action plan that will ensure you achieve all of your goals … because it’s your time to shine and that includes kicking some goals!

Module 3

Story Telling

Telling your story is SO powerful. It was only after telling my authentic story that my App was showcased on The Today Show in Australia … Story Telling is an essential ingredient in business. Together we’re going to not only pen your story, but also create a short sharp elevator pitch, create some customer attraction methods that will work while you sleep; AND get 100% clear on your businesses’ competitive advantage.

Module 4

Virality – creating a tribe of brand ambassadors

Virality is the strategy behind some of the world’s biggest most successful online businesses – Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, AirBnB … they all use Virality to succeed. One of these brands started with a budget of $20,000 … and used virality to drive their multi-billion dollar success. In this module we’re going to ensure virality is part of your business’s DNA. There’s a science to being share-able and share-worthy and I’m sharing this in Module 4 so that you can go viral … for all the right reasons.

Module 5

Social Media for Business

Have you ever wondered if you’re wasting your time on social media? Or which platforms are BEST for your business? Maybe you’d like to know exactly what to do, what to say and what all the hashtag fuss is about? Well in this module all of this will become clear … AND you’ll also learn the one vital strategy that will have your social media followers finally become customers!

Module 6

The Media (remember them?)

The day that the traditional media picked up my story and broadcast it to the world was the day that my life changed … for the better. In this module I’m going to take you on a step by step process to help ensure that your story is picked up by the media over and over and over again. It’s actually really simple once you know how!

Module 7

Finding, Winning & Leveraging from Grants & Awards

In this module you will not only learn where those grants and awards are hiding, but also exactly what you need to write to be successful AND (importantly) what to do to ensure your wins are leveraged in a way that then attract more and more wins. In a “previous life” as CEO of a national not for profit, I was responsible for securing $millions in government and philanthropic grants every year. Once you what where to find them and what to write you will start watching the dollars effortlessly arrive into your bank account … it’s honestly very easy once you know how.

Module 8

The Power of Partnerships

Partnerships are one of my favourite topics. In a 6 week period of last year my app was marketed to over 1 million of my ideal customer without me lifting a finger or spending a cent … all through marketing partnerships. There are 10 types of partnerships and in this module I’m going to take you on a step by step journey through each, as well as identifying what you have to offer partners and finally we’ll identify some easy partnership wins that you can implement immediately.

Who Is Tara O’Connell?

Tara O’Connell is creator of the globally successful App “The Baby Diaries”. She is an award winning entrepreneur, an author, speaker and CEO of her 2 companies. She inspires and empowers thousands of female entrepreneurs around the world to take action and achieve online success every day.
After spending 8 years as CEO of a national not-for-profit organisation, Tara created The Baby Diaries app shortly after having her second child. Her decision to exit the world of working long hours for someone else, Tara set about ensuring The Baby Diaries was a global success. The App has now been downloaded on every Continent in 15 different languages and was recently showcased by Nine’s Today Program as one of 3 must-have apps for new parents.
With only 10% of online businesses being ‘successful’ Tara’s journey to success is a guiding star for all women working in the online business world. Tara has combined all of her knowledge of creating a successful online business into a simple 6 step online program for female entrepreneurs.
As a highly skilled business mentor, Tara knows that creating a business is only just the beginning.


What you’ll receive over the 9 weeks of Shine Online

8 Powerful Modules of Step-by-Step Training (Value $2,000)


You’ll receive 8 video and audio modules breaking down everything you need to achieve online success.
Each module has a detailed workbook with a breakdown of actions
Everything is downloadable and can be saved to your computer to use for as long as you like.

24/7 Facebook Support Group – Lifetime Access (Value $1,000+)


This private group is specifically for the Shine Community. You can post questions any time of the day or night. Myself or my team are in there each day to support you. This is also a great place to ask for feedback from others in the community who are on a similar journey. You can also brainstorm ideas in there … you’ll never feel like you’re on your own again.

Access to my list of amazing contractors (Value $1,000)


I’ve spent years building a team of experienced experts who I trust. Some of the people on this list I have used for 8+ years. The people on this list are ONLY people I have used myself and are highly skilled. Finding the right people to help you with various part of business can be a serious pain so this alone is invaluable!


Media Starter Kit (Value $3,000)

This is my complete media database with names and contact details across all facets of media … This list has taken me over 10 years to develop. It is a money can’t buy bonus!


1 Hour FREE on demand Partnership Marketing Training with Simone Novello (Value $500)

Simone Novello is Australia’s leading partnerships expert. She has helped develop successful marketing partnerships with companies including Roses Only; Dreamworld; ANZ, Westpac and RACV.

SEO DIY & DIFY Guides (Value $900)

Hand picked SEO experts are here to help you to ensure your website doesn’t die over on page 2 of Google search results! Whether you enjoy a challenge and would like a DIY option, or if (like me) SEO makes your eyes glaze over and you’d like some DIFY options, you’ve come to the right place!

BUT… you won’t pay anywhere near this!